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The mission of the Tennessee Gravestones Project is to capture and archive digital images of our ancestors' gravestones.  As decades pass the inscriptions on many gravestones are becoming difficult, if not impossible, to read.  These archived images are one means of preserving these important records and simultaneously assist family history researchers who use this vaulable, free, information-rich resource.


The Tennessee Gravestones Project is a privately sponsored, non-commercial, non profit, educational site, the success of which depends on the activities of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs to be archived.


We are seeking volunteers to take and upload digital photos of gravestones in many Tennessee counties. If you are interested in becoming involved in this rewarding activity, please contact the state coordinator. (contact us)


Project Info


As a way to honor our Veterans in Tennessee, we have created a special database. All records for Veterans include the word "Veteran" in the surname field.


Duplicate submissions of photographs will undoubtedly occur as the web site grows and as additional people become involved in the activity.  A member of the administrative team for the web site will consolidate the biographical information submitted in  duplicate records, and select the photograph with the best clarity and composition for placement on the website. 

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